Independent Living

Variety and Value

The Sentry Hill Inn comprises beautifully appointed apartments that offer residents the opportunity to create a home for themselves within a setting which provides both independence and security.

Residents enjoy the benefits of property ownership and appreciation of value in a choice coastal living community, along with opportunities to participate in community decision-making, activities, and a sense of belonging to a warm, caring extended family.

Inn Apartments

Our 32 apartments include one bedroom rental options as well as ownership options. Our apartments range in size from one bedroom to 2.5 bedroom, 2 bathroom units. Each apartment is complete with en-suite laundry and full size kitchens. Many units offer private decks and open concept floor plans and ample storage. House keeping services and evening meals are just two of the amenities that are included.

Floor Plans

Click to view or download .PDF of our floor plan samples.

Sample Apartments

The Cottages at Sentry Hill

Our 21 cottages offer three varying size floor plans all with attached decks and garages. Each condominium features a single level open style floor plan complete with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, laundry, eat-in kitchen and sunroom. Some cottages include central air, gas fireplaces and hardwood floors.

Floor Plans

Click to view or download .PDF of our floor plan samples.